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                                                      Lagotto "H" Litter


Puppies Arrived!!! Born 09/21/2019 …..... The "H" litter was born 09/21/2019  Seven sweet babies  We will be keeping a litter diary on this webpage with updates, pictures and videos from birth to 8 weeks.


Litter Diary (from birth to 8 weeks...scroll down for more pictures, etc)

October 29, 2019 5.5 week pictures in the gallery above!

October 24, 2019  Well it is safe to say by this video from today..the puppies have woken up and are in the playful phase :)  They play fight, engage with toys (and blankets) and keep themselves entertained during their waking moments.  They still sleep a good bit but make up for it when they are awake.  They have started on food and the next few weeks will be a gradual weaning.  Enjoy!

4 week photos 



October 5, 2019  

Two weeks old today!! Puppies got weighed for their first deworming this morning and had a photo shoot.  Still no eyes open but should be soon!  Everyone is growing beautifully and gaining nice and steady.  Enjoy the 2 week photos!











October 2, 2019

11 days old and chunky as can be..











September 28, 2019

8 days old today!  These babies are all over a pound now and continuting to thicken up and move all around the whelping box.  See their one week photos below...

September 21, 2019  The puppies are here!! 7 beautiful babies...5 boys and 2 girls.  Storm is being an amazing mother and all puppies are active and great sizes.  

Storm and Italo Litter

Litter Born:  9/21/19

This litter is located in Mascoutah, IL


           Italo is our beautiful Polish import that has a heart as big as his beautiful head. 

He is a beautiful, sound dog with a sweet temperament. 

He lives with a family with young children where he is adored. 

This is Italo’s second litter in the USA. 

Italo’s Health Testing

OFA Hip:  Good

Eyes:  Norma

LSD: Clear

BFJE: Clear

OFA Patellas:Normal Left  Grade 1 Right




Storm is our athletic water lover that enjoys fetching and playing with any stick or toy you will throw her when outside but is perfectly happy being a cuddle bug when she’s inside on the couch.  Storm lives

with her co-owners in Nashville, Tennessee, where she enjoys getting to go to dog

friendly eateries and enjoying life in the country music capital. 

Storm is an AKC Champion.

Storm's Health Testing

OFA Hip:  Good

Eyes:  Normal

BFJE:  Clear

LSD:  Clear

OFA Patellas: Normal

italo head shot.jpg
storm head shot.jpg
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